Who is Irene Maria Chelaru?

My journey into the unknown, as my father used to say, started on 13 November 2004. At the age of four, I decided to become an architect, and this aspiration has stuck with me ever since. Upon returning home from the playground, I would grab my magnetic drawing board, even before taking off my jacket and my hat. My first impulse was to draw the impressions that I brought with me from the outside world. By eight, I designed my first house in Google SketchUp.

I took my first job assisting my mom’s creativity workshops for kids with ages between 5 and 10 years old, guiding them through the creative process, encouraging them and assuring a positive atmosphere in the classroom. I also got involved in the other projects of her company, contributing with crafting innovative design ideas for children’s spaces, collaborating on concepts for event setups and managing the company’s social media. These roles have enabled me to cultivate a diverse skill set, including the capacity to inspire and lead, address challenges and make informed decisions, as well as adeptly manage my time and prioritize tasks.This is what led me to take on multiple leadership roles in the years to come.

For instance, in high school, I was actively involved in the student council, and was elected president in the final year. I was also part of the Governing Board and achieved the honor of graduating as valedictorian. Moreover, I was awarded the MP Bursary for Excellence in Implication and Leadership by Peter Schiefke and received the Lieutenant Governor of Youth Medal, handed out by J. Michel Doyon, the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.

Presently, I am a second-year student enrolled in the Arts and Science program at John Abbott College. This enriched curriculum emphasizing the interconnectedness of Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Visual Arts has permitted me to acquire versatile knowledge, shaping me into a well-rounded, adaptable individual.
Motivated by compassion and the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those facing cancer, I became the president of JAC Coda, a club that collaborates with the Canadian Cancer Society, focusing on fundraising and raising awareness for cancer research.

My life is a constant balance between academic rigor and creative expression, with academics remaining my top priority. This commitment is evident in my record, where I consistently rank among the top students in the cohort. As I go along, challenges are embraced as opportunities to learn, and setbacks are viewed as stepping stones to success. I possess a keen eye for detail, a calm, rational attitude, and a strategic blend of creativity and resourcefulness.
Committed to pursuing architecture studies at McGill University in 2024, my goal is to incorporate new technologies and innovative materials into my projects, contributing to a new era in architecture, one that is in harmony with nature, and making a meaningful impact on the world.

Montreal, OC

Tel:. 514 770-6089