I took my first job assisting MINY WORLD’s creativity workshops for kids aged between 5 and 10 years old. I guided them through the creative process, encouraged them and assured a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Furthermore, as a day camp leader during the summer, I supervised and organized games for a group of primary school children. These roles have enabled me to cultivate a diverse skill set, including the capacity to inspire and lead, address challenges and make informed decisions.


Practicing aerial silk in secondary school unexpectedly catalyzed my leadership development. Engaging in this physically demanding pursuit brought immense satisfaction, particularly when leading a group of primary school kids and preparing their choreography for the school’s talent show.


I also became the president of JAC Coda, an intercollegiate club that collaborates with the Canadian Cancer Society, focusing on fundraising and raising awareness for cancer research. Our goal is to contribute to moving one step closer to ending the fight against this illness. Some of the fundraisers and activities we did are: Spooky Night, Popcorn and s’mores booth, the decoration of festive Christmas cards for young pediatric patients, etc.


As the president of my high school’s student council, I implemented projects such as establishing a butterfly sanctuary in our school’s garden to safeguard nature and raise awareness. The council also undertook projects, including modifying the dress code, introducing new uniform options, and adding more no-uniform days to the academic calendar. Additionally, we worked alongside the school’s governing board to enhance accessibility to financial aid, the food pantry, and feminine hygiene products for students in need. We increased the number of trash cans, collaborated with special education groups on a project for them to leave their mark on the school, and partnered with student activities to create memorable events throughout the school year. Our collective efforts aimed to represent the student voice and enhance the high school experience, creating lasting memories for everyone to fondly reflect upon.


Beyond serving as high school student council president, I was also part of the Governing Board and achieved the honor of graduating as valedictorian. Moreover, I was awarded the MP Bursary for Excellence in Implication and Leadership by Peter Schiefke and received the Lieutenant Governor of Youth Medal, handed out by J. Michel Doyon, the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.