I developed a deep passion for ceramics beyond my expectations. At the age of 15, my mother surprised me with a ceramics class to reward me for my excellent school results. A few years later, in the summer of 2023, I rekindled this interest by enrolling in a ceramics course at my college. It was an extraordinary experience. I extended my time in the workshop whenever possible, making the most of every piece of clay that I handled to craft something new.


Kiln casting is a type of glass casting in which cold glass is placed over a mold inside of a kiln. This art discipline was a mandatory activity in my art course during the second semester. For this project, I crafted a chess piece—the knight. Given my admiration for the elegance of this game and my love for horses, creating the knight was a natural choice. Chess, like life, teaches us to be witty and create our own opportunities. My knight, adorned in the color of topaz (my birthstone), perfectly captures the delicate enrichment and diffusion of the sun’s rays. Feathers, pearls, and braids accessorize my glass horse, embodying an essence of femininity, power, and freedom.


When the inspiration to paint strikes, I often find myself creating charming bookmarks. If you’re interested in seeing more, please check out my watercolor bookmarks post.

The domain of arts has continually contributed to my growth, serving as a means to express my feelings or find refuge. I invite you to explore my library of drawings and paintings, which are integral parts of my art school portfolio.

If you would like to learn more about the beginnings of my artistic evolution, please consult this article




This book was another project assigned in my college art class. I highly valued it for its profound message and the new information I acquired. Balance, integration, and the protection of nature were the first words that came into my mind when conceptualizing this project. I aimed to engage the reader with innovative ideas from biomimetic and haptic architecture, demonstrating their application in the projects and designs of the houses we intended to build. This book is not a complete architectural project, but rather a gathering of thoughts and sketches. My goal was to emphasize the importance of conserving and protecting our natural surroundings, as they sustain our lives and have played a vital role in shaping who we are today.


From an early age, I’ve had a profound appreciation for music, attending concerts and orchestras whenever possible. While not participating in official competitions, I took piano and guitar classes for a few years. During high school, I expanded my musical skills to include the ukulele and electric bass. I participated in my school’s end of the year shows, playing alongside my classmates in musical performances.


Having a puppy was one of my biggest dream. To raise money, I launched an artistic surgical face mask business in 2020. I ended up getting featured in the local newspaper, “The 1019 Report.” A portion of the money earned from every face mask purchase was donated to UNICEF, an organization that assisted children in need during Covid-19.