HELLO ThErE !!! SALUT TOUT le Monde…It’s Irene Maria Chelaru.

My journey into the unknown, like my father likes to say, has started on 13 November 2004. As a little baby I was smiling to everyone and everything. I was smiling to Life itself. My mom says that the most very cute thing that she remembers about me as being a baby is when I was getting tired. I was starting to talk in my own language with a very convinced tone. It was like I was trying to discuss important matters with someone invisible. Then, from a second to another I was so quiet and so far away in my dreams, like someone switched the stand-by button.

Coming from the playground, I wouldn’t take off my jacket before I have freed my imagination on my magnetic drawing board. I was like 4 by then, I guess. I used to draw things that I would have seen in reality or in my imagination. Lucky me, my parents saved many photos on the camera. Sometimes I would receive canvases, so I can redraw some of my works in colour. Today some of those paintings find their place on the walls in my room. And my magnetic board lost its magnetic power little by little after many years of loyal service. I didn’t give up to drawing, though. I discovered PAINT on my mom’s laptop…HAHAHAHA..but it passed quickly.

After my painting short career, I moved on. I started to think more of habitats, drawing houses on SketchUp. I was less than 6 years old when I made up my mind to become an architect. Mom explained to me some stuff and I enjoyed it. But even funnier was when Minecraft came into my life. OMG – soooo awesome. I build so many houses and hotels and hospitals and schools. Unfortunately, my tablet let me down one day and I lost almost everything. With some power left I tried to rebuild some. From time to time I play it with my friends and my sisters.

I love singing, dancing, gymnastics, tumbling, volleyball, and aerial silks. I always wanted to try everything and to push my limits. I like doing flips, german wheel, and the handstand. I love to handstand, a lot; any time and everywhere: during my homework, in the park, on the beach, in stores, at school, you name it.

I keep art and design close to me. My mom and I are teaching creativity classes to children at Vaudreuil-Dorion’s library and some other places. I am a proud member of MINY WORLD. It’s so funny, when I’m thinking that I started the creativity classes at 5 yrs old and now, from a student I became a teacher’s assistant. And the kids are amazing. They are so creative and so curious. I blog sometime on Miny World in the creativity corner, where my mom dedicated me a place. And now, my father offered me an entire space, Irene.LIFE – just for me. Thanks a lot guys.

I like to express myself and to share with you the things that I care for. I have a few videos on my youtube channel.. ..HAHAHAHA… You should go check it out later. I also have an Instagram account where I spend a lot of time. Not so good though… bad habit!? My username is @itss.irenee.

For now, I am not really sure what to publish in here but I have a feeling we’ll find out soon: COOL things, future projects, awesome moments, trips, amazing ideas, crazzzy adventures ………….

YEAHH, you know, all that LIT stuff. I am so curious to see what will happen next…That’s the plan.

P.S. I would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to write me. Vous pourriez m’écrire en français :)) Sau puteti sa imi scrieti in limba romana….Spanish is good also 🙂 I don’t speak spanish yet but I will, SOON cause, quiero aprender EspañoL

I live my life in my own way and you are invited in! 😉