Greetings fellow readers!


As you guys know, with the rise in popularity of the digitization, there are significant changes in the way we do our readings. For some people, reading books, their favorite magazines, or simply the news on a screen is something new and practical, but for others, the traditional way remains their first choice. From my point of view, both perspectives are totally fine, and you should keep doing what makes you happy. I myself like both, but for this specific article, paper lovers, you will not be let down. 

Let’s imagine a sunny day in autumn. I don’t have anything against the other seasons, but because we are currently in October, I feel like this is more appropriate. Just go with it :). You enter the cafe, right down the street and you find yourself in a cozy atmosphere where people sit on comfortable armchairs, drinking their coffee or their tea and reading something they love. The room is embellished with a cinnamon smell along with a pumpkin pie aroma that is lingering in the air. You know that smell, you love it as much as you love the fact that the new issue of Vogue is out and is waiting for you on the wall, in the hanger. Yup, on the wall, you read that right. This is exactly the point where I wanted to bring you. Can you see it? If you didn’t bring your own reading and you are simply not a fan of digital reading, right here is the place where you belong.


After having a lot of fun while making watercolor bookmarks for some friends ( don’t forget to check out the article that I wrote about this 😉 ) I decided it was time to expand and try something new, but still in the same genre. 

And after getting some inspiration from the internet, a German vintage object caught my eye. I’ve crafted a cool reading accessory, a stick holder for newspapers and magazines that will make your life a lot more stylish…..For paper lovers, I will keep you waiting no longer, just scroll down a little bit, and you will be met with your surprise 🙂


After hearing about what I wanted to create, a friend of mine offered to help me with these wooden sticks ( he gave me the leftover wood from some projects). I was very happy knowing that my project will not produce waste and that I can remain eco-friendly. I was very satisfied with the outcome and the results pushed me to further explore and make other projects in this same direction. 


Write to me if you like the idea and you want one of these for yourself or to offer as a gift to another paper lover. I would also be more than happy to partner up and have these wooden reading sticks in your cafe or boutique :). 



I’d like to experiment with this project a little bit more, but if you have no patience and want to order it now, feel free to write to me 🙂