I am running for student body president in secondary 4, at École Cité des Jeunes.

UPDATE: Hellooo! Guess whattt? I was elected as one of the three secondary 4 students on the council! Thank you so much to the people who voted for me. I WON’T LET YOU DOWN! 😀

As a member of the student council, I would bring many innovative and original projects that are sure to make a difference.
I care for the environment and I fight for student rights such as: the right to a happy school life, the right to speak and to be heard ans the right to feel safe.
I am dynamic, ambitious, and very good at negotiation. After all, I win the vast majority of arguments I have with my parents….hihihi… sorry not sorry, oopsi 😉
Here is my campaign poster: (ps: it’s in french…but I guess you kinda already noticed that)

I gathered some ideas I thought would be good to start with. Here they are:

  • Abolition of dress code rules that hyper sexualize girls. Clothes have no gender. 
  • Time to do homework each class. When we come at home, after a long day of school, it takes twice as much time to do homework compared to when our brain is at its peak, in the morning. Because of COVID-19, we socialize less. If we add the homework time that keeps us up late on top of that, we won’t have time for ourselves anymore. For example: relaxing, watching TV with our family, talk on the phone with a friend…
  • Fridays/a few days every month with no uniform. Because of social distancing, there are very few activities that we can participate to in numbers. That means that there is less and less interaction between classes and makes it difficult to express yourself and your style.
  • Give to disadvantaged communities or to charities each month. Every student in every class will give a little presents to help the cause. (This could vary between: toothpaste, small teddy bears, a book, a box of crayons, a scarf or even a drawing.) At the moment, we are all going through tougher times. But what’s important is to go through it together and positively. “Sharing is caring”. For us, the little gifts could maybe mean nothing, but for others, it can truly make the difference 🙂
  • Do Art Projects Using Junk. This encourages people to be more aware of what really goes into the trash. It will also be a very eco friendly project since we are using no-waste materials.
  • Participate in the challenge “Earth School” from TED talk https://ed.ted.com/earth-school starting from to beginning of April. This will not only celebrate the Earth, but also educate us and show us ways to better ourselves by being kind to the environment. We have to learn to give back. 
  • Organize a day to plant trees. The money for the necessary equipment can come from “Adopt a tree” fundraiser.
  • Make bird boxes to make new homes for little creatures.
  • Help bees by planting flowers. The funds can come from the fundraiser “host a honey tasting and bake sale”.
  • Help marine life in Canada (British Colombia) by donating 35$ per class to https://mmrpatients.org/ 
  • Allow phone in classes during breaks when it’s cold outside (snow) or when it’s raining.
  • Allow to bring bags and jackets when going to ATS atelier/class room.

I hope you like my ideas and my points! This year is truly the year of change, so remember, vote for me to make a difference 🙂
If you have any questions, text me on my Instagram @itss.irenee . I’d be more than happy to answer.

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