Let's start with small steps! Let's become eco-friendly! We do not need to have hundreds that do it perfectly. We need millions that do it imperfectly but who try.

In the last few decades, many people have been concerned about environmental degradation, but not many acted.
The lack of education and laws made by the government in relation to the environmental problem gives us too much power and freedom that we don’t use properly. The ignorance of individuals about this problem results in the excessive waste of our natural resources. The polluting emissions of companies deteriorate our source of water, air and soil.

Soon, the consequences will worsen, and we will be left with nothing. The weakening of the ozone layer, global warming, deforestation, poisoning of the flora, the disappearance of animal species, the reduction of clean water, episodes of smog, the increase of acid precipitations, the melting of glaciers and the increase of diseases in the population are just some of the consequences that will bring the destruction of our world.

« Adults keep saying” We owe it to the young people to give them hope”. But we don’t want your hope. We don’t want you to be hopeful. We want you to panic! We want you to feel the fear we feel every day. And then, we want you to act… We want you to act as if your house is on fire. Because it is »  – Greta Thunberg

Let’s start with small steps! Let’s become eco-friendly! We do not need to have hundreds that do it perfectly. We need millions that do it imperfectly but who try.

If you are an individual or a consumer, you should:

  • ALWAYS clean products before RECYCLING
  • Use RENEWABLE ENERGY sources 
  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables in your own garden
  • Try to buy products made in your area (local) 
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Buy products that have a sustainable source 
  • Swap coffee cups made of paper with reusable cups
  • Buy less meat and replace it with other foods rich in vitamins
  • Use reusable straws to drink instead
  • Swap plastic grocery bags for those that are reusable 
  • Use soap bars and not plastic soap bottles
  • Buy tea in bulk instead of small individual tea paper bags 
  • Use reusable sandwich and fruit packaging
  • Use fabric washcloths instead of paper towels 
  • Put your small purchases in jars or jars 
  • Compost the rest of your fruits or vegetables instead of throwing them away
  • Use reusable kitchen tools
  • Educate yourself on nature and participate in voluntary activities
  • Walk or use your bike to get to places
  • Plant trees and flowers for bees and butterflies

If you are a company, you should:

  • Improve your production by using recycled materials
  • Give % of your profits to the environment 
  • Develop better eco-technologies and working methods 
  • Change sources of energy for those that are renewable 
  • Use less plastic and printed colours in product packaging 
  • Create a department in every company that works on minimizing the impacts of pollution around the world
  • Include discussions about eco-solutions in your regular meetings

If you own a store, you should: 

  • Use the remaining fruits and vegetables for composting
  • Stop the use of plastic bags
  • Send recipes by email or Micro
  • Switch to energy-efficient lighting 
  • Clean with non-toxic products 
  • Create walls filled with plants
  • Use Energy STAR to purchase efficient equipment 
  • Sell products that are environmentally friendly and harmless to the planet
  • Minimize the amount of packaging
  • Have a greener store design

And last but not least the governments should:

  • Propose volunteering programs for the population 
  • Supporting ecological organizations 
  • Protect endangered animal and plant species 
  • Preserve more green areas and ecosystems
  • Reduce waste 
  • Add severe environmental laws 
  • Give $$ to support industries to become greener
  • Improve technologies for better eco-lifestyle
  • Decrease the cost of electric / hybrid cars and the expenses that come with 
  • Add educational programs on ecology in all learning institutions (daycares, schools, universities)

These are just some solutions but there are many other ways and ecological activities that you can discover by yourself. We must think about the impacts of our actions in the long term. We can still get on the right track. Let’s be aware, learn, improve and save our beloved planet before it’s too late! Let’s go! 😉