Hi everyone, it’s Irene! 

Thank you again for voting for me to be on the student council at École Cité des Jeunes. At the beginning of the year, in my campaign speech, I’ve promised to try to make the most positive and innovative changes at our highschool. And now I have some great news to share! Fresh information just got out, it’s not written yet black on white but we will get to that point too. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. At the last meeting we were told that the council has successfully managed to make some alterations to the current dress code.

Starting from next school year, so basically this fall, leggings will be permitted, shorts and skirts mid-thigh will be allowed and ripped jeans can be worn. 

Also, some new clothes will be added to the uniform, such as the hoddie/sweatshirt. It is not yet confirmed but it might probably come in the colors bleu marin and grey. This calls for celebration because we are the first council in years (around a decade or maybe even more if I’m not mistaken) to have accomplished such changes to the dress code. Now all students can finally get more equality and freedom to express themselves.

Moreover, we are also working on adding more trash cans on the school campus in order to prevent pollution and to keep the school grounds as clean as possible. To add to that, it is not decided yet, but we are planning to start a new project to help the Monarch butterfly population grow back because habitat loss and climate change have taken a huge toll on the butterfly population which has declined by 26% in 2020 alone.  They play an essential part in the pollination of plants and cultivation of crops.

Last but not least, our last “journée sans uniform” day without uniform will take place in June. The date is yet to be confirmed but the theme is summer colors since we want to celebrate the arrival of summer and the vacation.
Anyway, I was very happy to hear the news and I thought it was important to share them with you too!
So don’t forget to vote for me again, as I will be running for a place in the student council next school year in secondary 5 too.
I want to thank the student council and the school staff who helped us and gave us credit. I found the time that I’ve spent with the council amazing this year. We made a great team. Everybody showed proof of professionalism and we all fought for the best outcome for the students at our school. I hope next year we’ll be even more productive!
If in the meantime, there are any more news or changes, I will be sure to keep you posted! 

Have a nice dayyy 🙂