Hello friends! Some time ago, one night, at 1AM to be specific, I wrote a bucket list of summer activities that I told myself I simply must do at one point or another. And then I thought, “I’m sure that other kids are in the same situation that I am in (kinda bored), so why not share this list, maybe it could help someone out :)”

Ps: If I get more ideas in the meantime (as I have made this list quickly), I will be sure to update this article 🙂
Also, I am aware that Covid is not making our case easy… get it?… no? Too soon? sorry… But anyway, do the most you can!

Activities to do in summer:

– bowling night w friends
– Bumping cars (carting)
– Go to the library and buy books
– Go see an iconic theatre piece
– Have a water ballon/gun fight day
– Sushi night w friends
– Visit an aquarium
– Visit the zoo
– Have a picnic
– Go stargazing
– Go to a planetarium
– Go swimming somewhere pretty(beach trip)
– Have a cooking day (ex make popsicles)
– Go see a Volleyball match or a swimming meet
– Go on a road trip
– Go to a water park
– Have a sleepover
– Do a bone fire
– Go to a carnaval/festival
– Watch fireworks
– Go do arbre en arbre
– Go surfing
– Go on a yacht
– Have a jet ski/water parachute/ towable day
– Go to an iconic museum
– Go see the Jardin botanique
– Dance in the rain
– Go hiking
– Go paddle boarding
– Go fruit picking
– Go to parties
– Go to bars/pub
– Meet in the city square with some friends
– Volunteer (in another country or simply in you local community, remember every action counts)
– Meet at the lake (Vaudreuil) next to the volley court and skateboard park
– Go ice skating
– Bathe in your pool (if u have one, if not, go to a friend’s or to a local pool)
– Have a card night with pizza
– Go to the spa
– Do horseback riding
– Learn a new language
– Try a new sport
– Learn to play an instrument
– Read a book (or a few)
– Watch a good movie
– Get creative

So yeah 🙂 Grab a friend, neighbour, pet, family member, or even a stranger (just kidding… unless…….. I’m joking, I’m joking, please be safe out there 😉 ) and let’s get the partyyyyy started!!!!!!!