Since the school year started, I thought I’d share some studying/school tips that I have gathered over time in hopes that they will help you as much as they helped me. Some come from me and the others are gathered from YouTube and the internet. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t have to start doing all of these perfectly starting tomorrow. What matters is that you remain consistent and try your best. I believe that that’s the true secret formula to getting good grades! 😉


  • When you feel like procrastinating, write the first sentence of your assignment or title on a piece of paper (or your computer or iPad, depending on what you use). Then leave it and start doing something else. Usually, your brain will feel pressured to finish that first thing before starting another, as you will keep thinking about it. It works for me, so there’s no harm in trying it out.
  • Do the homework given in class (this is an obvious one).
  • Have a folder with all your homework and important papers. That way, your bag won’t end up too heavy… like mine last year. My bag made me look like I had the shell of a turtle or a snail every day hahah. I totally don’t look like that this year anymore (yeah…totally not…).
  • If time is of the essence, study the corrected version of the revision exercises instead of looking through the textbook. The form of the answers will probably be very similar to the one asked in the exam.
  • Time management: find a way to separate studies and have breaks (have time for hobbies), so that you don’t lose motivation or start procrastinating.
  • Watch videos online about the subject and put them on speed mode (this has helped me a lot when I cram. Also I have no patience so speed mode helps).
  • Try to finish the exam fast so that you have time to look over it and verify it before giving it in, if possible.
  • When you get your exam back, make sure to write down your mistakes on a paper to remind yourself what you need to work on; improve. This is very important since some topics can be found in the final exam.
  • Have study groups with friends and study in places outside of your home, ex: cafes, libraries, etc. if you have the possibility. Study “FaceTimes” can also work. I’ve found that when I’m with other people, I tend to be more concentrated if we all work. See what works best for you.
  • Read ahead and take notes during class. This helps the brain to retain information better.
  • SQ3R method of learning can be tried. (Go search it up mr./mrs. lazy 🙂 )
  • Have a dedicated playlist for schoolwork to listen to while studying.
  • Have naps of 30 mins maximum, they can be beneficial to your concentration. If you nap longer than that, when you wake up, you might be even more tired and even have a headache (because of how the sleep cycles work). Yeah… been there, done that. Hehe
  • Eat healthy ( a balanced meal) and get enough sleep. (When I have mistakes in exams, most of them are usually slips, because of my lack of attention caused by tiredness).
  • Make a routine and don’t leave things last minute (still have to work on that sometimes). Find when your energy is at its peak and take advantage of it to do your work.


So yeahhh. That’s all I had at the top of my mind right now. If you have some more interesting tips, don’t be a stranger, and share them with me. I’d be more than happy to add them here so that more people can benefit from this. Anyway happy studying. Although I know that you’re probably reading this while procrastinating. I see you. Get back to work, respectfully 🙂 


Credit to: Fayefilms on YouTube. She has some really awesome videos about studying and school.