Wow…Look at this video!

I was 12 by then. Océane, Seynabou and I were filming for this school project called “spectacle amateur” something like – young talent show. We had so much fun. We filmed for three days in four different places.

First, we went to the gym. Tumbling, gymnastics and aerial silk were three of the classes that I took that year after school. I succeded in doing my first aerial, so I was very proud to show it. And then, aerial silk…OMG, I love being hanged at that height, rolled into the silk and then collapse nearly to the floor. It is a feeling of freedom. And then, the hand standing and hand walking it became my second natural state. Even when I was doing my homework or in the middle of eating, I used to take short breaks to hand stand a little bit. Mom was going crazy because I was like that in stores too, while we were shopping. I confess that right now, I chilled a little…but just a little. 

Secondly, we choose my mom’s summer workshop. We sang Despacito. What else? We were crazy about it. We didn’t know the words, but nobody cared. We wanted to only have fun. Now, every time I hear this song, it reminds me of that day.

Then we went to the park and took some photos in different gymnastics postures. It was a nice summer day, and the grass was so green – it brought life to our pictures.

And the last place where we shoot was in Océane’s pool. The water was so warm and it was a day filled with awesomeness. We wanted to do some extra jumping in the water and take some special postures but as you can see for yourself…We failed so many times…even at the gym. We ended the video with some FAILS so we can laugh more. Big fun times. They really were. Our video was seen by the entire class and people liked it a lot. We did a good job because we worked well as a TEAM. 

I am so happy to have these memories cached on camera and Youtube. I guess it’s one of those things that bring the smile on everyone face, especially the ones who know us.

I love you Girls. SIO forever!