Cheers to me for finally posting a YouTube video after 2 years hahahaha…yeah.. oops.

Me and my sister filmed a breakfast video: making blueberry pancakes and a green smoothie 🙂

Disclaimer: just wanted to say that:
Do not take our cooking skills seriously. And do not try to recreate them at home.
I licked one of the small spoons before using it again, touched my hair after handling the oil, poured to much at times, didn’t put enough milk in the pancakes at first…. it was a bit of a mess.
And the video was supposed to be for breakfast but it took so long to film, we ended up finishing it a few hours later lmaooooo.
But looking back on it, I find it hilarious, and all that matters is that we..well.. we tried 🙂 so yeah, take this video as you want hahaha, enjoyyyyy 😉

The cookbook: SkinnyTaste by Gina Homolka
Smoothie book: Simple Green Smoothies by Jen Hansard & Judah Sellner