Coffee or tea? Or here’s a better question: What’s your favourite drink?

For me, I’d definitely have to go with tea. Of course, I absolutely love smoothies and other fruit juices, but I’ll always end up coming back to tea. It just brings back so many memories and it’s so much more than just hot leaf juice (haha those who watched Avatar: The last Airbender know the reference). Every kind of flavour of tea or infusion reminds me of certain scents or feelings or even people. 

So in this article, I’ll share my top favourite teas of all time and some that I’ve recently taken an interest in, and maybe even one I’d like to try soon. 😀 


All time favourite, the Jasmine Dragon Tea:

This one will always stick with me. This tea holds so many dear young childhood moments. One of them being me sneaking into my grandparents’ neighbour’s front yard to then jump over their fence to get into my grandparents’ front yard…. Because why simply use the front door when you can do all that instead? Anyway, right next to the fence separating the two yards would be a beautiful Jasmine tree on the neighbour’s side and I would always take a few moments to smell it before jumping over the fence. A true pleasure. 

Next up we have the Pu’erh au café:

Usually, I’m not a really big fan of coffee. So my choice might seem a bit contradictory but let me explain. This specific kind of tea I bought from David’s Tea is very soft and soothing for me. It puts me at ease because it reminds me very much of the smell of the Cafe me and my dad had breakfast at, Jozi’s Cafe, in Paris. I associate it with the moments of peace in the morning where you take time for yourself before you start the big day that you have ahead of you.


Another tea I enjoy a lot is sweet beetroot tea

I find that this one has such an interesting taste. Every time you take a sip, it feels like the sweet sour flavour just explodes into your mouth. I think it’s so cool how we can make so many wonderful things out of cute little plants growing from the earth, like beet tea as an example. I think it’s awesome and we should definitely give it more acknowledgment. 🙂 


One calming tea I currently like is the fruit and floral herbal infusion aka: Tisane

I find this tea’s taste not too strong but not too light either, it’s just right. I sometimes feel a bit dizzy when I drink a few kinds of calming teas for some reason. This tea is one of the calming teas that do not have that effect on me. It sets me in a relaxing flowery ambiance, as if I was laying on a picnic blanket in a valley, surrounded by beautiful flowers. This helps me with the transition between a busy day to a calm late evening.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to try butterfly pea flower tea.

I first found out about it from one of my best friends. She had sent me a YouTube video of some tea that changed colors when the pH balance changes. Doesn’t that sound so cool? I read on the internet that it has a light woody and earthy flavour and that you can blend it with lemon, chamomile, honey and more. Writing about it makes me even more curious hahah. 

Well I think that’s all for now. Tea is a timeless drink and has so much history and cultures behind it. So let me know if we share a few likings and be sure to tell me what your favourite tea is and why 🙂