Heyyyyyyyy!!! How’s your summer been going? Did you burn marshmallows by the campfire? Or did you perhaps tan in the sun…. for hours….and got burnt like… a chicken nugget (I may or may not be talking from experience…heh heh)?  Or maybe have you visited your nearby natural parks, lakes or hiking spots? 😉

Well, because of the current pandemic going on, a lot of things have changed for all of us. For example, I was supposed to go see London and Stonehenge in June with my dad, but I guess 2020 had other plans for us. We all had to adapt one way or another because the world keeps going with or without us.
One of my favourite activities to do is SUP aka: Stand Up Paddleboarding. Me and my family own 2 paddle boards (2 peeps on each paddle board and one in the kayak). We have been exploring nearby lakes these past 3 months. The view is even more breathtaking when the sunset is catching up on us and the sky breaks into so many beautiful colors. 

I also really wanted to try hiking because last time I did was 2 years ago, in Romania with my dad, on Tampa and mount. Postavarul. And so, I decided to look up places for hiking near me. Multiple results showed up and we ended up choosing the Oka National Park. They have multiple hiking paths with different levels of difficulty suited for each person’s liking. In total we hiked for 2 hours, with a 20 min stop at the sommet and the path was 6 km long; because we took one road to go up and when it was time to come down, we decided to try a different path.

To arrive to Oka, we took the traversier over the water.
Throughout our little journey into nature we encountered so many little creatures like baby squirrels and chipmunks. And every once in a while, you’d look down at your feet to find small green nuts or bushes with berries on the side. The trees were very tall and some were so thick and had hollows. In one of them we discovered a squirrel home filled with so so so many supplies for the winter aka: NUTS!!!
When we arrived at the top, there were 3 white chapels built in the 1700s with paintings inside and a few benches to sit so we can look at the truly impressive view that looked over the Lake of Two Mountains.
On our way down, we crossed a wooden bridge that was over a little water ravine and after we got out of the forest we passed by a flower field. I picked a few just to make a flower crown because autumn is right around the corner and the flowers will sadly go because of the cold that will come. But no worries, they’ll bloom once its time for spring to show up 😉.
I overall really enjoyed quite a lot my hiking experience and felt so connected with my surroundings. I hope it won’t be the last time this year. It would be super awesome to come in a few weeks when the trees will start changing color.
If you like nature and you haven’t been on a hike yet, I definitely recommend you give it a go. Grab a close friend or your family and experience this journey of your own. You won’t regret it.
Don’t forget to dress sporty and comfortably. If you have hiking boots, even better, if not, wear a good pair of sneakers. If you need to carry stuff with you, use a steady backpack. Pack lightly thoughhhhhh! Don’t forget to bring a WATER BOTTLE. Oh and consider wearing a baseball cap or hat if its sunny outside but bring a jacket/coat if it’s chilly. And I think that’s pretty much all.
Stay safe peeps and most importantly enjoy andddddd  — HAVE FUN!!!