... She then looks at us with big eyes and says “You have to run fast”

This summer, I went to multiple locations, but one of my favorites was Paris. It was a truly unique experience and all the city views and monuments were truly breathtaking… But when it was time to say goodbye, (as in going to the airport), I tried to stretch the time as much as possible… You know where this is going… We were officially lateeee (Like in the last check-in call kind of late). Not that it’s a very big surprise… Hihihi… Whoopsi… And of course, because we have the best luck (Ps: being sarcastic), for some reason, the machine that tags your luggage was complicated and a security guard would let us do it manually… Hmnnn ok….. After a few couple of tries (actually more than that), we finally managed to make it work.

Then, we had to hand over our luggage but the weighting machine for them simply wouldn’t function properly so the lady that was working there had to do it herself. She then looks at us with big eyes and says

“You have to run fast”

in French and tells us the directions we have to follow. Ohhhhhh, and did I forget to mention that my dad doesn’t speak French so the whole situation was in my hands? Well, I was way too stressed out so the only thing I heard was “Pharmacy”…yeah… We ended up running in the wrong direction and later found out by asking some people for help. By that time, security guards were aware of our situation and were helping us pass in front of everyone in the waiting lines and were making room for us in the crowded hallways (Because we were running and jumping over people’s luggage (doing parkour). 

A HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED US. You deserve a pat on your back. Ohh and that’s not all! We then hardly succeeded in catching the last train who brought us to another building where some of the boarding gates were… And guess what? Our flight’s gate was situated at the very end of that building so we had to run yet again. AND WE FINALLY (I repeat, FINALLY) ARRIVED!!! I was practically dead, and then my dad (who loves running since he was little), says 

“Wow!!! You’re a damn good runner. You got it from me, for sure”.

OMG! NO WAY! We’ve been through a marathon of HELL and all he has to say is THATTTT? Let me just shoot myself real quick. 😉

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