I’m happy to say that a journalist did an interview with me and wrote an article about my little business which ended up being published in the local newspaper 🙂 And, YES! I have a dog now! 


I am so excited to announce a new project that I’ve been working on for the past week and half. During that time, I’ve created some face masks designs for teens and kids. I gathered a few materials found in my house and learned to make patterns and sew (with the help of my mom). And in the end. . . the final result was definitely worth it!!!

So what’s so special about them?

  • As you all know, we are all going through tough times so we have to stick together! That’s why I’ve decided that a part of the money earned from every face mask purchase will be donated to an organization who helps children in need during Covid-19. 
  • The masks are composed of 2 layers of fabric and 1 layer of insertion that create a dust filter. There’s also a metallic wire that helps keep the fabric close to the bridge of the nose and adjustable ear elastic cords that make the face mask, altogether, more secure and easy to wear. 
  • If we’re talking about the design and personalization, then we have it all: multiple colors and special patterns, texts to choose from or to compose by yourself, can be painted on, can have beads with your initial letters, and they come also in 2 different sizes for kids and teens/adults. 
  • After Corona time is FINALLY OVER, you can put your purchased masks to other uses…for example: Well, you see, for a while now, the winds have seemed to grow stronger and stronger… like WHEN IS SUMMER COMING? hahaha.. so you could use your face masks as a protection from the cold wind while walking down the street, or while riding your skateboard or your bicycle 🙂 
  • The face masks are REUSABLE!!! For the simple face masks, you’ll be able to wash them by hand with soap and warm water. As for the ones with vinyl prints, because they are just a tiny bit more sensible, you’ll have to leave them in a bowl filled with warm water and detergent/soap for a few minutes 🙂 DO NOT: scrunch them. After the cleansing, leave them to dry. And steam iron them if needed on the back side for only a few seconds.

How to buy it? … Now discontinued

Disclaimer: Although you can use face masks to potentially protect yourself from germs and the virus, as stated on multiple websites approved by medical care organizations, face masks do not guarantee complete protection as you can still catch the virus, if not by mouth, then by your eyes and ears. Many people have the virus and don’t know it as they are still in the early stages. So, face masks are used to put a stop to further spread of the virus from person to person.
And even though the face masks I make have 2 layers of fabric and a filter/insertion (and they could be just as effective as medical face masks), they, along with other handmade face masks cannot claim to be medical face masks.