I had to write a small description about my artistic background for my art history class and I thought it’d be nice to share it on here too. Hopefully this will help you get to know me a little better. Although you should also check out the article I wrote in the “Who am I” section on my website (wrote it a few years ago). So here’s a little slice of my artistic life until now, a portrait, if you will 😉 Anyway without further ado, bon appétit! Wait don’t actually eat it – haha


Since I was little, my life unfolded on an artistic background. My parents studied interior, graphic and fashion design, at the same university. I was always surrounded by photographs, paintings and all kinds of artistic projects. At two years old, I played with watercolours on canvases. Later on, my mom developed her own creativity courses for kids, and I was part of her first generation of students. Every time I was coming home from the playground, I used to grab my magnetic drawing board, even before taking off my shoes and my hat. My first impulse was to draw the impressions that I brought with me from the outside world. My mom encouraged me to reproduce some of them in colour, on canvases. My dad used to take pictures of every one of my art works and printed them on a paper book. I was four years old and a half when I decided that I wanted to become an architect, and I stuck with this ever since.

The Arts & Sciences program is exactly what I needed because it is the perfect mix. Having science classes, the chance of making a portfolio, and enriching my art culture are all very important things to do before enrolling in the architecture program at university. So I am counting on these courses a lot. 

My knowledge in art history is gathered mostly from my voyages, visiting museums and historical places. 

My experience of playing with complex toys from a too young age carried over to boredom during play at a later age. Acknowledging this, I decided to learn the things that I need and to only deepen them when the time is right. And I think that learning the history of art at this current moment comes naturally. 

I visited Paris in 2019, and in a short time, I got to see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Catacombs and more. It was majestic. This summer, I spent a day in Rome. I admired the architecture and the sculptures that fill the city with their grandiose presence. 

I have a profound respect for everything that has happened in the history of art and with a lot of curiosity, I can barely wait to learn about everything. I don’t have a favourite artist yet. Presently, I like check out the Dezeen newsletter that I am subscribed to, and go through the stories that I think are interesting. It could be the innovative design of a school, a stylish apartment or even a peculiar armchair. 

Speaking about architecture that interests me most, I have to admit that my choice for the future will be one that is realized in accordance with nature. Times are ever-changing and since I am very sensible concerning the necessity of keeping balance on Earth, I want to dedicate my work to a more green process. I would love to

implement new technologies and materials into my project in order to contribute to helping the planet. I would also love to be able to make homes and schools in challenging habitats (ex: in disadvantaged places). As for wealthy people, I’d like to have the chance to design more futuristic sustainable projects.